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October 5th, 2016

I never intended to stop blogging, but just like it often does, life has other plans. When I started blogging I had the loftiest of goals — twice weekly blogs at a minimum. That goal turned into about twice monthly blogs within the first week. I loved it but it was also a lot of work. And then my business took off. Like REALLY took off. My career was never blogging, it is and always will be designing. So when your career calls, you answer. With open arms. Since I last blogged, about three or so years ago, I have moved my office, moved my home, tripled (or more) my business and welcomed the sweetest little dog into my life. I have traveled to places I never thought I would, experienced incredible personal and business growth, and worked with clients that I never dreamt would come my way. This ride has been challenging, exciting, amazing and humbling.

I am also so, SO ready to share more about my design process, my projects, my travel, my tips and tricks and everything in between! So buckle up — and get ready to get to know the designer behind the designs. I promise to be as honest as possible without incriminating myself!

Thank you for reading, visiting my website, and supporting me every step along the way.

Dwell in style,

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