Curated by Katrina

July 17th, 2017

I’m excited to kick off a new series here on the blog! Curated by Katrina is going to be a monthly series where I share with you some of my favorite things. These things will range from beauty products to lifestyle to design elements and so much more – really, the sky’s the limit. I can’t wait to share some of my tried and true favorite with you all! It feels like summer has been absolutely flying by, so without further ado, here are a handful of things that I’m currently obsessed with…

1. Voluspa Candle in Mokara: Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good candle, and anyone who knows candles knows that Anthropologie is a mecca of sorts when it comes to all things candles. I picked up this limited edition Voluspa scent called Mokara and it is perfection. This beauty features scents of Mokara Orchid, White Lily, and Spring Moss for a subtle but not overpowering scent. Bonus points for the beautiful clear glass textured container, which makes it beautiful to incorporate into any space.


2. Bite Agave Lip Mask: Something about extreme weather always takes a toll on the lips – whether it’s the harsh cold of winter or the sweltering temps in the summer. The lips are a canary in the coal mine of sorts when it comes to dehydration for my skin. I tend to always keep my lips moisturized and nothing does a better job than the Agave Lip Mask by Bite. You might be thinking “what on earth is a lip mask?”. It really boils down to being a heavy duty balm that you leave on and let absorb into your lips. I love rocking the clear with a fresh face, or the tinted options with my daily makeup.


3. Greenie in a Bottle from Liquidology: Speaking of hydration, you can catch me most days with one of these green juices in my hand from my favorite juice spot, Liquidology. Greenie in Bottle is a true green juice, featuring veggies only! It’s not for everyone, since it doesn’t contain any fruit to sweeten it, but I absolutely love it. This concoction of romaine, spinach, cucumber, watercress, cabbage, parsley, lemon, ginger has the perfect zing and always makes me feel healthy and refreshed. If you are into juices, or just delicious food in general, stop by Liquidology and pick something up for yourself!


4. Malone Souliers Shoes: I’ll admit, I’m a shoe hoarder, and Malone Souliers is currently making me a bit weak in the knees. This brand is a bit of an investment piece, but you can’t go wrong investing in a classic pair of shoes that will last for years to come. Rest assured, these shoes are incredibly comfortable (trust me ‘comfortable heels’ doesn’t have to be an oxymoron – they do exist!) and I have even been known to rock them on a jobsite. The beautiful thing about the brand is that they really highlight silhouettes that can be worn in a variety of ways. The styles are classic enough to wear to work, sexy enough for a date, yet practical enough for everyday. What more can you ask for?


5. Sunglasses: It’s July in Sacramento and temperatures have been over 100 degrees more times than I would like to count. At this point, sunglasses aren’t really an accessory, they are a necessity. I couldn’t just pick one pair because I have been alternating religiously between by Louis Vuitton Lila Pilots and my Rayban Original Aviators. Both pairs are classic enough in their own right that they can be worn with almost anything. I always have a pair on hand not only for the polished look they bring to an outfit, but also for practicality sake!|RAY-BAN


Thanks so much for sticking around for the first installment of Curated by Katrina — I’m looking forward to making this a regular thing on the blog. Hope you have a great week!

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