Designing With Color

October 5th, 2016

It’s no secret that I love me a neutral color palette! I think that’s part of every meeting I have with a client. It usually goes a little something like this:

Me – “are there any colors you like or don’t like”
Client – “I like blue, don’t like red, like orange, purple, not so much pink…”
Me – “so how do you feel about a neutral palette…”

There is something so warm, soft, inviting yet overwhelming chic about a tone on tone neutral palette filled with varying shades of cream, sand, mushroom, and white. I just can’t get enough. Ever.

However, I wouldn’t be a very good designer if I didn’t listen to my clients. I love to create spaces that my clients comfortable in and reflect them. Which brings me to color. Lots of it. I have a few tricks to help you when creating a space of your home that is full of color.


1. Choose where you are going to put your color. Is it in the walls? Furniture? Lighting?

2. Once you have that figured out, balance the color with a neutral. If you have a giant solid purple sofa, go with a white wall and neutral patterned chair. This creates balance so your home doesn’t start to feel like a rainbow. Nothing against rainbows, we just don’t need the entire color wheel going in your home.

3. Stick to a few colors that you are going to use with varying intensities. It’s ok to mix pale blue with a saturated green. However, mixing saturated blue walls with a saturated green armoire may prove to be too overwhelming for a space.

Most of all, have fun, there truly are no rules in design!

Dwell in style,

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