Dogs and Design

February 23rd, 2017

My love for dogs is well-documented in my life and work (I mean, Stella has her own page on my website). I love so many things about being a dog mom- from the puppy cuddles to the walks, and even the accessories. Stella has brought so much joy and fun into my life- she is truly this girl’s best friend.

I recently decided that Stella needed a dog sister…so along came my little rescue, Scarlett! Yes, I’ve adopted a new dog; yes, I know I’m crazy, but she is the sweetest little thing and I’m so excited to introduce you to her on the blog soon. Check my Instagram for pics of these two gals out on the town, it’s seriously too cute (#StellaandScarlett).

All this puppy talk has me thinking about dog-friendly interior design. It can be challenging to combine a love of canines and a design obsession, but I’ve managed to style my home and so many others into spaces that keep two-legged and four-legged friends in harmony. Here are a few tricks I keep up my sleeve when I’m designing with dogs in mind:


I love using plush, luxurious rugs to make a room feel cozy. With a dog around, you can still utilize rugs that give off that feel, keeping in mind that dogs shed and accidents happen.

Choose low-pile rugs over shag-style to keep animal hair from getting ingrained into the carpet. Low-pile options are easy to vacuum and clean in case of puppy emergencies- hey, we’ve all been there. There are even great stain-resistant options for the extra muddy paw-prone.


While I’m always a fan of breaking the rules, there are a few fabric rules I follow with canine design. I avoid fussy fabrics that can snag, or tassels and buttons that can easily become chew toys. Leather works as long as you don’t mind the scratches that can come from animal claws and paws. If you’re not a fan of that leather patina, there are plenty of stain resistant fabrics on the mark that are perfect for not only pets, but children and messy husbands as well ;).

credit to Terracotta Properties


One way to design with your animals in mind is to create a special spot just for them. There are so many reasons this works for a home. For one, it gives them a place to lounge away from your crystal vase of flowers or favorite chair. For another, it adds that little touch of humor and sweetness that I love to include in my designs. Stella and her sister have a puppy teepee, which I love because it adds a little whimsical spot in my otherwise more elegant space. Whether it’s a raised bench-meets-dog bed in your bedroom, a low-lying pillow in your kitchen, or a dog bowl area built into your kitchen island, make a little room for your dog in your home that is specifically theirs.

Wishing you a day of great design, sunshine, and of course, puppy kisses!


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