Loving Your Laundry

June 27th, 2017

Let’s face it – we spend more time in our laundry rooms than we care to admit. When a space garners that much of your attention, it certainly deserves thoughtful, practical design. After all, a laundry room is a space utilized primarily by you. Unlike other places in your home where you may play host to family and friends, your laundry room is uniquely yours (unless someone else does your laundry, in which case you are living my dream). Whether your laundry room is teaming with kiddo’s sports uniforms or place to wash off your four legged friend after a muddy romp, here are some of the must haves I keep in mind when designing a laundry room:

  • Washer & Dryer: I know, you are probably thinking this goes without saying, right? It is worth mentioning the importance of selecting a front loading washer & dryer so that you gain extra space overtop – perfect for sorting whites and colors. Make sure to extend the countertop over the top to give you a flat surface and more polished aesthetic.
  • Natural Light: Because who would ever want to feel like they are doing laundry in a dungeon? We’ve all seen the windowless chambers that certainly don’t compel you to stick around and fold your clothes. I urge my clients to opt for windows that will let in natural light and give a bright, airy feeling to the space.
  • Hamper: We are all a bit guilty of letting our dirty clothes pile up when they should live in a hamper until wash time. I like to incorporate hampers in ways that they make sense to my client’s lifestyle. Whether it is an oversized wired bin or a drawer built away into the cabinets, your laundry is out of sight, out of mind (for now).

  • Storage: Not all detergents and dryer sheets are the most visually appealing, so practical storage is a must. Other things to consider – will this space also act like mudroom? A pantry? Perhaps we will incorporate space to hide away those dirty soccer cleats or the perfect place for your great grandmother’s sewing machine.
  • Drying Space: A place to hang your items that need to be air dried – ideally over a laundry room sink.

Once all of the must haves are ticked off the list, this is when I really design with my clients needs in mind. This is the opportunity to go one step farther than functionality. How can we make this space beautiful and unique to your needs? This is also your chance to think beyond the confines of a traditional laundry space. Do you have an affinity for flower arranging? Let’s go with a double wide sink perfect for processing all of your blooms. Is your beloved pooch always getting into a muddy mess? Viola – a dog shower! It isn’t always easy to try to bathe a St. Bernard in a kitchen sink.

All of the details here matter, from the cabinet pulls to the light fixtures to the faucet and backsplash…never underestimate the power of a good backsplash. These things all come together to make the space complete. At the end of the day, your laundry room is a space you use daily. It should be a reflection of not only your personal taste, but also of your lifestyle. I want your space to give your neighbors some serious laundry room envy, and perhaps make those endless loads of towels get done faster ;).

Dwell in style,


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