MCM Crush – Part 2

July 7th, 2017

Happy Friday! I hope your week has treated you well thus far. I’m super excited to be sharing the second installment of this Mid Century masterpiece. I could honestly stare at these photos all day…I even joked with my clients that I wouldn’t be returning my spare key since I love the home so much! After all, as I mentioned earlier in the week, each of my projects truly does end up feeling like my favorite child.

Today I get to show you the highlights of this home and talk you through a little bit more about the design choices and yes, you get to see that red powder room, too! To recap a bit, we did fully renovate the interior of the home, without adding any additional square footage. There were a few things that we decided to keep, such as the front slate and the quirky front doors. The doors were given a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and chrome plating on the hardware. I love that we were able maintain this original feature but also tie it in with the aesthetic of the rest of the renovations. Another keeper was the stone on the fireplace in the livingroom. The fireplace facade was refinished in cement, tying in with the textures and colors of the original stone behind it.

This wouldn’t have been a real renovation if we did not encounter our fair share of challenges. One of the pivotal things that the couple wanted were high ceilings. There wasn’t as much room in the attic as we would have hoped in order to put in the necessary beams, but I insisted and the contractor delivered, and we were granted the high ceilings and open floor plan we desired. Another challenge came into play when executing the kitchen hood. Those pesky ceilings again! Again, we claimed victory over these challenges and I am thrilled at the outcome. The kitchen design, with the double ovens on either side of the SubZero fridge, is one of the highlights for me in the home.

I have to mention the room lovingly dubbed “The Frank Sinatra Room”. This moniker was coined by the architectural designer, John Packowski, who felt the room was designed in such a way that the Rat Pack would feel right at home – cigars, bourbon, a burnt red sofa and all. Besides the late night cigars and warm summer breezes, this room also functions as part office, part den.

I hope you had as much fun touring this home as I did designing it! A huge thank you to team who made this possible, architectural designer John Packowski and Daniel Cardenas Construction. And of course, a heartfelt thank you to my clients for entrusting me with their space.


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