Tile Round Up

July 22nd, 2017

Let’s talk tile. From showers to floors to backsplashes, outdoors and in, tile can be used in an endless variety of ways. Today I am going to chat about some of my favorite tile trends and classics. Let’s jump right in!

Non Traditional Subway Tile
Everyone knows and loves a traditional 3×6 subway tile. For good reason, it goes with almost everything and has been in style for years and years. While it’s hard not to see the merit in this traditional choice, I gravitate towards a more sturdy, non traditional choice. I love non standard sizes of subway tile and different textures and finishes that give the space a more handmade, custom look. One of my favorite places to source this look from is Sonoma Tilemakers. They make a wide variety of beautiful products in every neutral hue you could ever dream of. Rest assured that I can always find the perfect tile for every space.

Image via Decor Pad.

Herringbone Pattern:

Laying tile in a herringbone pattern is an amazing way to create texture and visual interest to a space. It also happens to be one of my very favorite patterns. Forewarning, laying herringbone tile is a labor intensive job for the tile setter, which can lead to a bit of a cost, and it certainly isn’t something I would recommend for the DIY-ers out there. However, herringbone tile is a fantastic option to add pattern to a space without overpowering the rest of the room. I typically gravitate towards solid, neutral colors (are you sensing a theme here?) like mushrooms, greiges and grays. It’s an absoutely perfect choice for backsplashes, floors, and shower areas.

Images via Pinterest.

Pattern Tile:

It’s almost impossible to scroll through Instagram or Pinterest lately and not see a patterned tile floor. This trend is all over the place, and for good reason – it’s gorgeous. There are some pros and cons to this choice if you are considering it for your space. The obvious pros: it’s beautiful and it makes a huge design statement. The cons: most printed tiles are cement which isn’t always the best choice for a space. Also, patterned tile truly is a trend. With any trend comes the risk of that trend passing. As long as you are aware and okay with this, go for it and have fun with all of the amazing prints that are out there. If you are on the hunt for pattern tiles be sure to check out the amazing selection at Cement Tile Shop.

Images via Sugar and Charm.

Glass Tile:
Glass tile is back and better than ever. You might remember this design trend from years past, but this time I think it just might be back for good. Glass tile can be absolutely beautiful in the right application. My favorite way to use it just might be in a backsplash. The best place to track down the perfect glass tile in my opinion is Oceanside Glass Tile. Here you will find glass tiles in every shade and finish from pearlescent to clear to matte to frosted. Something I like to keep in mind is using interesting tile layouts and shapes. The only other application I am likely to use is in a larger format such as a 4×12 size. Either way, it is one of my go-tos for a clean and contemporary interior.

Left Image via BHG. Right Image via Decor Pad.

Marble Tile:

I have a life long love affair with marble, and pretty much everyone knows it. I literally have a reputation for being a lover of marble. It’s pretty clear why thats the case…I love to sneak marble in anywhere I can. Marble is glamorous, chic, sophisticated, and most importantly – it’s classic. You truly cannot go wrong with marble. One of the things I love about it is the unique tones and variations – whether you are looking at Calcutta, Carerra and everything in between you are sure to find the right shade and veining for your interior. It’s so fun to play off of this using different patterns and tile shapes. One of my all time favorite tiles is this hexagon marble tile from Tilebar. Another fantastic place to find marble tile is Akdo.

Phew! I could honestly talk tile for hours. It is one of my favorite aspects when designing a home. The opportunities are endless I hope you enjoyed my tile round up here on the blog today. I’ll see you next time for the latest and greatest blog post. Have a great weekend!

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