Tips and Tricks to Update Your Thanksgiving Decor

November 19th, 2017

Can you believe it’s already time to think about the holidays? Now that we’ve officially celebrated the fall season, we have a few key themes to focus on, specifically Thanksgiving. While this holiday tends to conjure up images of turkeys, pumpkins, and red and brown patterns, there is no rule that forces you to approach decorating your home this way. In fact, I’m here to tell you it’s time to bend the rules! Keep reading for my go-to Thanksgiving decorating tips and tricks.

Let’s Retire Orange

I get it– It’s a fall tone. But it doesn’t necessarily work for every home, nor should it. To celebrate Thanksgiving in a more modern way, consider using a universally stunning shade, like black, white, or even navy. If you opt for one of these classic tones, then consider orange hues. Otherwise, let’s leave it in the Halloween box, shall we?

Talking Trends

While I’m all for a classic color combo (black anybody?), we have to acknowledge that trends are fun and a great way to keep a home’s look updated. This Thanksgiving, I’m looking forward to two particular trends: Shimmer and texture.

Nothing says ‘holiday spirit’ quite like a hint of sparkle, whether it be twinkling lights, a beautiful arrangement of candles, or a hint of shimmery fabric. Likewise, its easy to get into the Thanksgiving mood with chunky textures, specifically those with deep, patterned hues. Think plaid, houndstooth, and a classic stripe in a modern colorway like black and white, forest green, or vintage red.

Keep it Kid Friendly

Thanksgiving is all about family time, so you know the kiddos will be involved. And while you may be inclined to break out the fine china, think twice before keeping your most precious place settings in arm’s reach of the little ones. Instead, lean on greenery, floral arrangements, and fabric to set the mood for your Thanksgiving feast. Easy, beautiful, and unbreakable!

Party Ready in a Flash

So you’re hosting a dinner party for friends or your family has chosen your pad as the center for holiday festivities– Don’t freak out. My advice? Start at your front door, and work inward. A fresh holiday wreath greets guests and sets the tone for the rest of your home. Walk the route your guests would take and look for areas that could use some holiday spirit– floral arrangements on a hallway console, candles in the kitchen, and a show-stealing table setting in the dining room should do the trick/

Whether you’re hosting the holiday or enjoying it elsewhere, decorating for Thanksgiving is a great way to get yourself excited for fall and all of the festivities to follow. Do you have any holiday decor tips?

[Featured image by HomeyOhMy.]

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